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 Database Problem 

The problem:

I added a form to a webpage (.asp page) and populated some elements of the form with data extracted from a database. The problem was that spaces in the database records being added to the form were causing posting problems. In other words when the form was posted it would post the space as a %20. This is the Unicode Expression for a space. In some cases this may not matter but in this particular case I needed it to be an ASCII character, not Unicode.

The solution:

Well there may be other ways to solve this problem and if your database has thousands of records this may not be the solution but here it is for what it's worth and I hope it helps...

It's simple, you just replace the spaces in the database with an ASCII space. The way to do this is to highlight the space in the database record, then hold the <Alt> key and press 0160 on the numeric keypad. What this does is simply replace the space with an ASCII character.

Now when the database records are extracted to the form and the form is posted, voila, you have a "normal space". Hope this helps, if you find or know of other ways to do the same thing please let me know... peter@bchost.net



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