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 Clearing Session Variables 

The problem:

This is a .asp page MS Access Data Listing problem. Sometimes (most of the time) when you're on say page 3 of a access data list on a webpage and you refresh or return to the page and it's still on page 3 instead of starting back at page 1... isn't that irritating?

The solution:

There's a simple solution... first make sure you can see the hidden folders of your website by going tools/site settings then click on the advanced tab. Once there put a check mark in "show hidden files and folders" if it's not already on. Also say yes to refreshing the display or file list.

Now that the hidden folders are shown go to the folder called _fpclass and open fpdbrgn1.inc. Once open for editing find the line that says...

fp_sFormKey = fp_sFormName & "_PagingMove"

Just below that line add the following code...

' Clear the session variable if this is a new query.
If Request.Form(fp_sFormKey) = "" Then Session(fp_sEnvKey) = ""

Save the changes and publish the file to your website and voila problem solved, now it will default back to the first page of the data list.



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